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100% traceability, 90% fewer operations.

Actual properties instantly available digitally, with full traceability, via Certificate Analysis Software for the metal industry. 

Certificaat beheer software voor de metaalsector CAS

Certificates, the heart of the metal sector

Stricter laws and regulations and more specific customer demand are increasing the importance of the material certificate within the metal sector.

Its role will become even more significant in the future. In addition to traceability to prove the quality of the material and the inspection on the type certificates, content control is becoming more extensive and the importance of individual, chemical and mechanical properties is increasing.

Digitalisation is the future

The processing of incoming material certifications mostly consists of repetitive work and requires specific knowledge, accuracy and high concentration of employees. Both the processing, registration and verification of certificates is taking up more and more time and energy, thus the need for automation and specific software, such as dx steel and CAS, is high.

Sectorspecifieke automatisatie en software voor de digitalisering van staal en metaal sector

iFacto and Case go hand in hand

Through the collaboration between iFacto and CAS Quality Control, an intelligent link has been built that automatically links certificates to the correct product number in dx steel links.

CAS automatically retrieves the PDF certificate from Outlook and checks if the batch numbers found are also reported in dx steel. This means that the relevant certificate can be found at the touch of a button.

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Gekoppelde software DX Steel en CAS Quality Control met iFacto

The power of CAS combined with dx steel

The software can read complex data in and out, check it and make it available immediately. Including:

  • Standard certificate data, such as charge/heat, plate, tube or coil number, dimensions, grades and standards;
  • Mechanical properties such as impact, tensile and yield strength;
  • Chemical properties, such as carbon equivalent and all elements listed;
  • Stamps from inspection bodies and more.

By using advanced search filters, such as quality, product properties or a combination, an overview of materials in stock is easily created. Sending the right certificate to customers also takes no extra time. When preparing invoices, the corresponding certificates are immediately displayed and the total file is ready in no time.

De software kan complexe data in- en uitlezen, controleren en meteen beschikbaar stellen

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