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Uitgebreide rapportagemogelijkheden en business intelligence tools voor Dynamics 365

Efficient reporting as a basis

With the ever-increasing digitisation of business processes, an abundance of data is generated throughout an organisation on a daily basis. By definition, these stand-alone data have little meaning; only when links are established between these data they can be turned into valuable information. 

Good reporting provides a clear, visual and structured data representation that allows for deeper analysis .

Duidelijk visuele en gestructureerde weergave van data voor uitgebreide analyse

Business Intelligence (BI) for further optimisation

Accurate and up-to-date information helps in making well-informed decisions on financial, commercial and operational processes. BI solutions collect data across various software applications (D365 Business CentralCRMwebshop etc.) and provide the opportunity to analyse the collected data and make connections, in order to further optimise business processes.

BI-oplossingen verzamelen gegevens uit verschillende softwaretoepassingen

Make the right decision

Through reporting and BI, better strategic and operational decisions can be made, based on predefined KPIs. This means a boost for e.g. delivery rate, customer satisfaction, turnover and margin. 

Reporting adds value to both SMEs and large international companies. For everyone's need, iFacto works with a suitable and connecting tool..

Maak betere strategische en operationele beslissingen op basis van up-to-date gegevens

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