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Complex route planning set up in a simple way to the most optimized routes.

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Less driving, more earning

Software suggests the most optimal route, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and reduces manual intervention in this planning process. The calculation can be optimized for one or several cars, taking into account drivers' start and end times. With a single press of a button, the calculation is performed and displayed on a map. The planner can then check the routes and adjust them if necessary. Efficiency for both planning department and drivers.

Go for optimal efficiency and ultimate customer experience

Scheduling all employees on the road is a recurring and very time-intensive task for a planning department. With a linked route optimization software, all addresses from the administration are searched and processed to create an optimal route.

As an added benefit, a professional route optimization system provides the necessary functionalities to support a better customer experience. By communicating the expected time of arrival (ETAs) to the customer in a timely manner, unnecessary waiting for the customer is avoided. An extra service for the customer, without a time investment for the drivers.

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Contributing to a better environment and mobility

An immediate consequence of optimized routes, is savings in fuel costs and driving times. In addition, the reduction in CO2 emissions contributes to a better environment. In the longer term, optimized routes have a positive impact on the mobility problem.


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